Iris Bergmann: Blog en-us (C) Iris Bergmann (Iris Bergmann) Thu, 16 Mar 2017 13:04:00 GMT Thu, 16 Mar 2017 13:04:00 GMT Iris Bergmann: Blog 67 120 My grandmother My grandmother is one of the most important person in my life. My grandmother is the most amazing person I will ever know and I love her SO deeply. She´s an inspiration to me and my children. She´s the best great grandmother to my children and I´m so thankful for everything she has done for me so I´m going to pay a little tribue to her in this blog. Today she celebrates her 85th birthday and I´m faraway from her and can´t even hug her like I always do. 

In spring 2015 I won a trip for two by an Icelandic Airline company because of a photograph I took of my son in Alicante with my Iphone and I had sent that photograph to them through their webside. Time past and one fine day in spring they contacted me and told me that I had won two tickets anywhere I want and of course where they fly. In return if they could use my photograph as an advertise. I was so happy and exited, one of my favorite things to do is travel. I had always wanted to do something special for my grandmother so I spoke to my hubby and told him that I was going to use those tickets to invite my grandmother to Paris, he was so happy with my decision, he loves my grandmother very much too.

So I called my grandmother and told her the news that I had won two tickets anywhere I wanted, she was so happy for me but when I told her that I wanted to invite her with me to Paris, she could NOT believe me, asked me many times really, really, are you kidding me. No grandmother you and I are going to Paris this coming august. She was the happiest I had ever seen her walking through Paris like there was no tomorrow, she loved to sit down on those gorgeous Parisian Cafés and watch all the people passing by. I didn´t take any camera with me to that trip except my Iphone 5s and I loved to just document her through those 4 days in Paris with my phone. 

Today I wish you my best wishes on your Birthday AMMA, I love you so much and I can´t wait to come home in august to hug you <3 



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A town that never stops surprising me I felt the romance in the air as soon as I drove down that mountain road of Montgó. What a scenery, what an entrance, driving through that small yet so beautiful town Xábia in Spain, it got me so stunned that I had to find a parking and go out of my car right there, right now.

Narrow streets, colorful houses with gorgeous decorations, very old church on a square, surrounded with lot´s of little restaurants, I said out loud “AM I DREAMING? “No” welcome to Spain my dear, my husband answered somewhere behind me. I have traveled a lot in my life and I have always had the love for Spain and been there many times but nothing got me that inspired like Xábia.

We are like match made in heaven, me with my camera and the town showing it´s charm. When driving further to the direction of the sea you get to see many beautiful beaches that Xábia has to offer, sandy beach and stony beaches but there is this one beach called Granadella, it´s a little creak with so crystal clear sea, that you can see the fishes swimming beside you or underneath you as far as you can go, it´s a little treasure beach.

Then there is Cap de la Nau/ Cape of the Ship, jaw-dropping views over the sea and there is this little restaurant on the top and I think it is the most gorgeous views I have seen.

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The Importance of Maternity Photos Even though pregnancy comes with a lot of difficult trials, it is an amazing time in your life. It is a time of celebration and of anticipation as you prepare to meet your little bundle of joy. It’s a time where you become strong – stronger than you ever thought you could possibly be. During this time, you create your initial bond with your child that will continue throughout your entire lives. 

A pesar de que el embarazo vienen con una gran cantidad de pruebas difíciles, es un tiempo increíble en tu vida. Es un momento de celebración y de la anticipación mientras se prepara para cumplir con su pequeño paquete de alegría. Es un momento en el que te convierte en fuerte - más fuerte de lo que nunca pensó que podía ser. Durante este tiempo, puedes crear su primer vínculo con su hijo que continuará a lo largo de sus vidas totalidad.


Maternity lifestyle sessionMaternity lifestyle sessionAt her home

There are very few women who actually feel like they are beautiful while they are pregnant – especially during the first pregnancy. However, the miracle of pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Swollen feet, stretch marks, and hormone changes aside – you are growing a real live human being inside of you. All of those side effects come from different things your body has to do to help nourish and protect your baby. 

Hay muy pocas mujeres se sienten como que en realidad son preciosos durante el embarazo Especialmente durante el primer embarazo. Pero, el milagro del embarazo es una cosa hermosa. Hinchazón de los pies, estrías, y los cambios hormonales a un lado - que están creciendo un verdadero ser humano vivo dentro de ti. Todos esos efectos secundarios provienen de cosas diferencialmente su cuerpo tiene que hacer para ayudar a nutrir y proteger a su bebé.



You are beautiful, and you should take the time to celebrate these changes and this amazing moment in your life. These photos will be a great gift to pass down to your child as an heirloom of your first memories with them. This is something they can treasure forever.

Eres hermosa, y  debes tomar el tiempo para celebrar estos cambios y este momento increíble en su vida. Estas fotos serán un gran regalo para transmitir a su hijo como herencia de sus primeros recuerdos con ellos mismos. Esto es algo que pueden tesoro para siempre.

Maternity lifestyle sessionMaternity lifestyle sessionIceland´s beautiful blue lagoon

Iris Bergmann

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8 Ideas for Sentimental Newborn Props Need some inspiration when picking out props for your newborn session? Want to make it unique and personal? Check out these great ideas for adding sentiment to your photos.

  • Recreate a Parent or Sibling Photo

These types of photos show the same pose with different generations of your family. Show us a photo of you or your spouse when you were a newborn and let us create a similar photo with your child. If you have another child and want us to use one of their newborn photos to recreate instead, that would work, too!

newborn, babyBig brotherHappy big brothern

  • Blankets 

Bringing blankets with sentimental value helps add interest and a story to the photo. For example, if it was quilted or crocheted by nana then you’re helping add that sentimental touch and making nana proud. Or maybe it was a blanket that you or your significant other used as a baby. Blankets also provide a wide variety of textures and colors, which adds both depth and visual appeal to your photograph.  

  • Your House

If I do a session at your house, this is going to probably add the most sentimental value to your images. This is the house that you brought your baby home to, the one where they first lived. This is the nursery you decorated for them. The possibilities are endless. 

  • Something from Parents’ Childhood

I can also incorporate things from your childhood. For example: stuffed animals, clothes, your bassinet, dolls, a wagon, basket, blanket, etc. Try to find something that can be passed down to your child that meant something to you when you were younger.

Newborn lifestyle sessionNewborn lifestyle sessionCuteness overload

  • Siblings’ Clothing

If you have another child and you have a favorite outfit that you used to put him or her in when they were this size, this is a great time to bring that out and recreate some old memories.

  • Occupations/Hobbies

If you or your spouse love your job and want to add something from it or one of your hobbies, this will help add a personal touch. Some examples: dog tags, sports helmets, a baseball, guitar, football, briefcase, camera, jersey, or hat. Of course, we’re open to your ideas, as well. This is just to get the ideas flowing.

  • Maternity photos

If you did a maternity session, you can do some similar poses with your baby and frame them side-by-side in your home or in an album. If you used an outfit or name blocks, ultrasound picture, etc., we can use those props again in these photos, too.

  • Wedding Rings

This is a classic shot. Having your child hold your wedding rings in their little hands or placing them between their toes is a good way to incorporate your rings – which signify familial love and a strong bond -- into the shot. Although this photo is somewhat common, it will be unique to you because they are your personal rings and they show the commitment and love that you and your spouse have for your family. Alternative idea: if you have a little girl, we could also use your wedding garter as a headpiece.


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