Iris Bergmann | About

~My name is Iris, born and raised in Iceland ~ 

My father was my first inspiration to be a photographer. He took me everywhere with him, no matter if it was a photoshoot for a rally race, soccer game or a commercial shoot, I even ended up in some of his commercial shoots as a little model. He had his working space/darkroom in the utility room in our home where I grew up and I use to hang around there watching him develop his art on paper, in the dark with a red lamp, it was my world, watching his photographs become a image on a paper, it was magic to me. I have photographed a lot of things through the years but there is one thing that inspires me the most to be the photographer that I am today and that are my children, I have photographed them from the moment they where born and they are still part of my photographs, but my oldest ones aren´t so corporative today but my youngest one who is 5 years old, I chase around today and make memories for him to have in the future.

I have always had the passion and desire for capturing adorable, raw and free spirited moments of my children as a lot of parents do. As a mother I understand that i can be quite challenging to photograph kids and that it takes a great deal of patient and ability to adapt to their natural behavior. I´m as well inspired by nature, it can be so moody, dramatic, colorful and magical. I believe that when I combine children and nature I am creating something that is 100% organic, pure and I try to capture that in each photo of mine.